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Physical Security With ConTech


Protecting the physical assets of any organization is a critical task for the viability, profitability, reputation and sustainability of the organization. All organizations face a certain amount of physical risk. The need is to cost-effectively monitor, minimize or mitigate those risks while meeting the organization's strategic and operation objectives. Our highly trained and experienced team will meet that need by providing presentable risk/return-on-investment assessments; by consulting on architectural and engineering designs; by installing and integrating physical security systems; by conducting user training and certification; and by dedicating local personnel to provide on-going support.


Our Texas state licensed value-added systems and services include:

  • IP cameras

  • IP video management systems

  • Smart device mobile apps

  • Hosted video and cloud storage

  • Open standards devices

  • Burglar alarm systems

  • Fiber optic perimeter intrustion detection

  • Latest access control technologies

  • Biometrics

  • Cell phones as credentials

  • Visitor management systems

  • Central station monitoring

  • Open architecture software

  • Non-proprietary hardware

  • Federated and unified platforms

  • Remote system management

  • Active Directory integration

  • Video analytics and intelligent recognition

  • License plate recognition

  • Real-time analysis

  • Heat mapping

  • Threat levels

Quality Products

Some of the leading manufacturers with which we're direct or certified:

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